Job Position


Managers/superintendents oversee all operations of a sports field, park, golf course or other recreation facility or institution. Superintendents identify performance objectives, develop budgets and implement plans to increase use and customer satisfaction. Superintendents represent the facility to the appropriate oversight organization and interact with local community members. Depending on the size and type of facility, superintendents may also be involved in daily maintenance activities.


  • Develop and implement plans to meet identified performance objectives, including increasing use; controlling costs; and improving landscape safety, performance and appearance.
  • Create and implement plans for preventative, scheduled and emergency services, as well as facility improvements.
  • Develop and manage annual operating budget, including labor, equipment maintenance and repair, irrigation maintenance and repair, fertilizer, chemicals and other supplies.
  • Hire, train and schedule employees to ensure that the facility is fully staffed and team members have needed skills.
  • Ensure compliance with all laws and regulations affecting facility management, including chemical handling, storage and disposal.
  • Manage relationships with local community, water providers, suppliers, business partners and customers.

Education & Experience

  • Four-year bachelor’s degree required; relevant landscape management concentration or MBA preferred.
  • Three to five years experience in facility management required.
  • Recommended certification(s): Certified Landscape Water Manager (CLWM), Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP), Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM), Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) or Certified Grounds Manager (CGM).


  • $50,000 – $80,000*

*Irrigation industry compensation information is based on reporting by Irrigation Association members, industry recruiters, online job postings and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compensation varies by candidate experience and job location. This data is provided for information only and does not represent a guarantee or commitment by the Irrigation Foundation.​