Associate Members

Associate (non-voting) membership categories include irrigation system end users, industry suppliers and organizations actively involved in water management. The associate is the primary membership holder but all employees receive member benefits.

  • Manufacturer of complementary products actively manufactures and/or sells one or more components in categories such as water features, ponds products, lighting products and publications.
  • Business suppliers are companies that serve or supply the irrigation industry with business services (e.g., business software, finance, leasing, insurance, communication, recruitment, advertising, etc.).
  • Water and energy agencies are public or private agencies or companies that supply, distribute or administer water or energy for use in irrigation.
  • Commercial end users are organizations that uses irrigation systems (e.g., growers, producers, farms, nurseries, greenhouses, golf course, sports facilities, homeowner’s associations, commercial parks, museums, cemeteries, resorts, etc.).
  • University/Government are accredited universities, colleges or community colleges, or federal, state or city/county government agencies.

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