Classroom Resources

The Irrigation Association has developed a number of curriculum resources for use by colleges and technical schools. Instructor kits, student workbooks and laboratory kits can be used as primary texts to supplement existing coursework or for independent study.

Although developed for colleges, technical schools and class instructors, these resources are available to anyone in the industry and are an excellent resource for irrigation basics.

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Teaching Kits & Workbooks

All instructor and student materials are available for purchase by subject in the IA store.


Instructor Kit: $250 (Member), $400 (Nonmember), $75 (Academia)
Student Workbook: $25 (Member), $40 (Nonmember), $20 (Academia)
Instructor Kit – Irrigation Components: $375 (Member), $525 (Nonmember), $100 (Academia)
Student Workbook – Irrigation Components: $30 (Member), $20 (Nonmember), $25 (Academia)

Academia pricing available only to bookstores and schools using purchase orders or school credit cards.

Instructor Teaching Kits

The Irrigation Association instructional lecture materials are designed for a 50-minute classroom unless otherwise indicated. Lab materials are designed for two- to three-hour laboratory classes. Kits include:

  • PowerPoint slide deck.
  • Instructor manual that contains:
    • Screenshot of each PowerPoint slide that contains teaching notes and room to make additional notes.
    • Student workbook, including answers to practice problems or quizzes and “follow-along” notes indicating slide number and topic.
    • Additional teaching aids such as sample spreadsheets, graphics, material lists and suggested questions for quizzes and tests.

Student Workbooks

Student workbooks are designed to teach single-subject principles and concepts. Workbook contents include:

  • Practice problems.
  • Tables.
  • Calculation worksheets.
  • Glossary of terms and various other references.