Maintain Your Certification 

Report Misuse 

The IA Certification Board Disciplinary Committee oversees the policies and procedures established by the board. Grounds for disciplinary action include but are not limited to 

  • evidence of falsification of information provided on documents submitted to the IA or its agents. 
  • cheating on certification exams or audits. 
  • evidence of noncompliance with the Select Certified Code of Ethics.
  • evidence of improper use of IA certification status, logos and/or acronyms.

The board has established policies and procedures to fairly and consistently address complaints and alleged violations. Disciplinary procedures are designed to ensure that all valid, actionable complaints are investigated and considered. These procedures also ensure that all involved parties have the opportunity to document the reason for the complaint and respond to any allegations. 

For details on the investigation process, see the Certification Candidate Handbook. To report misuse, complete the complaint form, then submit it to the IA.