Congratulations, new certificants!

The Irrigation Association and IA Certification Board recognize newly certified irrigation professionals who earned the following credentials between April 2021 and June 2021. IA’s Select Certified program has set the bar for industry professionals for over 30 years, recognizing exceptional commitment to efficient water management and irrigation best practices. IA-certified irrigation professionals have state-of-the-art training and technical skills to design, install, manage and maintain a variety of irrigation systems.

Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist

Ashim Chhetri, CAIS

Certified Irrigation Contractor

Chris Haley, CIC
Jose Villarreal, CIC, CLIA
Scott Gordon, CIC
Mark Twiss, CIC
Josh Quesinberry, CIC
Dylan Harris, CIC
Quinn Zintel, CIC, CIT

Certified Irrigation Designer

Taylor Dunaway, CID
Charles Zick, CID
David Langendorff, CID

Certified Irrigation Technician

Matthew Jones, CIT
Ryan White, CIT
Fernando Pereira, CIT
Patrick Turner, CIT
William Vaughan, CIT
Timothy Carlson, CIT
Jack Dick, CIT
Dane Gaskins, CIT
Todd Mansfield, CIT
Moses Sevilla, CIT
Joseph Chaney, CIT
Sean Nagle, CIT
Dustin Johnston, CIT
Jonathan Reid, CIT
Paul LaLuzerne, CIT
Oscar Rodriguez, CIT
Adrian Smit, CIT
Geoffrey Burlew, CIT
Bryton Mecham, CIT
Israel Ibarra, CIT

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Jason Pyle, CIC, CIT, CLIA
Calvin Thelen, CLIA
Joseph Signorile, CIT, CLIA
Manuel Calderon, CLIA
Jeff Desrosiers, CIT, CLIA
Jenna Kofler, CLIA
Anthony Wilke, CLIA