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Economic Impact Study

Efficient irrigation is critical to long-term sustainability of water resources. With the IA’s mission to promote efficient irrigation and its vision to be the recognized authority on irrigation, it is first important to understand the size and economic impact of the irrigation industry. With that goal in mind, the IA and the Irrigation Innovation Consortium joined efforts in late 2019 to conduct a study that would measure the full economic impact across all sectors of the irrigation industry.

Released on Dec. 2, 2021, this study shows a vibrant and healthy industry estimated at an almost $9 billion direct economic impact and a $23.3 billion impact when including indirect induced impacts. This translates to over 70,000 industry-wide jobs, which is increased to over 167,000 jobs when secondary impacts are included. This study shows the sizable impact the irrigation industry has on the economy and, when compared to a similar 2010 study, demonstrates the industry’s ability to overcome challenges and innovate to continue growing.

Quantifying the industry’s economic impact is important to

  • document irrigation’s direct and indirect contributions to output, earnings and employment.
  • increase the association’s and industry’s credibility with policymakers, regulatory agencies and other stakeholder organizations.
  • provide insight into critical variables for members’ business planning.

This study focused on determining the economic impact of irrigation manufacturing, distribution, consulting, design, installation and maintenance of irrigation technologies and products in the United States, for both agriculture and landscape. The study’s executive summary and full report are available here:

To view the 2010 study, click here.