Job Position


Bidders/estimators develop cost estimates and formal proposals for standalone irrigation projects or larger landscaping jobs. Working from designs developed by the contractor or provided by a client or general contractor, bidder/estimators develop detailed lists of materials, estimate the cost of materials and labor, and price the job to be competitive and profitable. At smaller contracting companies, irrigation designers develop estimates for their own projects.


  • Obtain all project drawings and specifications, including job site, irrigation system design, landscaping and other design/build elements.
  • Develop detailed lists of irrigation and landscaping materials required, work with suppliers or company purchaser to obtain favorable pricing, and calculate the total cost of materials.
  • Estimate man-hours needed to complete the project, based on time required to prepare the job site, install or retrofit systems, build or repair hardscapes, and plant landscapes.
  • Solicit subcontractor quotes and calculate the cost of permits, applications, equipment and other project costs.
  • Prepare the finished bid and proposal, including drawings and backup information, to present to the general contractor or client.

Education & Experience

  • Two-year associate degree required; four-year bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Five years irrigation installation experience required; two to three years experience as project manager, foreman or estimator in construction or landscape installation required.


  • $40,000 – $75,000*

*Irrigation industry compensation information is based on reporting by Irrigation Association members, industry recruiters, online job postings and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compensation varies by candidate experience and job location. This data is provided for information only and does not represent a guarantee or commitment by the Irrigation Foundation.

Possible career path: Purchaser, Branch Manager