About Workforce Development 

Finding and keeping qualified employees is one of the irrigation industry’s greatest challenges. The Irrigation Association is committed to developing the future workforce.

Formally known as the Irrigation Foundation, the workforce development team works to promote careers in irrigation by

  • giving faculty and students the opportunity to gain exposure, experience and education — Irrigation E3 program.
  • giving educators the chance to expand their irrigation curriculum and professional network — Faculty Academy.
  • providing students at two- and four-year schools the opportunity to continue their studies — scholarship program.
  • showcasing irrigation careers to students and second-time career seekers — irrigation career pathways.
  • connecting students and career seekers with potential employers — Irrigation Career Link.
  • providing a forum for educators to share ideas, resources and information — Faculty Academy Network on LinkedIn.
  • listing two- and four-year programs that offer degrees or courses in irrigation and water management — schools directory.