Agricultural Drip/Micro Design

Advanced  |  Agriculture  |  16 CEUs 
Design efficient, economic irrigation systems for orchards and row crops. Two full days cover crop requirements, filtration, pumping, pressure regulation and emitter/sprayer selection. This class provides foundational information for the certified irrigation designer drip/micro specialty exam.

Agricultural Irrigation Specialist

Advanced  |  Agriculture  |  13 CEUs 
Master irrigation management for surface (furrow and border strip) and pressurized (micro and sprinkler) systems. This one-and-a-half-day session includes irrigation volume and frequency, evapotranspiration and crop coefficients, scheduling, and salinity effects. This class provides foundational information for the certified agricultural irrigation specialist exam.

NEW: Applying Pump Curves

Intermediate  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  1 CEU 
Pump curves are useful to select a pump and for diagnostics. Beyond simple selection based on flow and desired pressure, we’ll examine how to use the other information typically found on a pump curve for traditional and variable frequency drive pumps.

Center Pivot Design

Advanced  |  Agriculture  |  16 CEUs 
Understand center pivot design and system management. Two full days cover theory and practical applications, including nozzle selection, application rates and scheduling. Recommended class preparation includes Principles of Irrigation.

NEW: Logic of Good Irrigation Scheduling

Intermediate  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  1 CEU 
Irrigation scheduling is one of the crucial factors to provide the plant with needed water and reduce water waste. This course will examine the factors to be considered to create an efficient irrigation schedule to help avoid scheduling pitfalls.

Principles of Irrigation: Agriculture

Intermediate  |  Agriculture  |  16 CEUs 
Master theory and application principles for agriculture in this intensive session. Two full days cover soil-water-plant relationships, advanced hydraulics, electricity, pumps, valves and irrigation equipment. This class provides foundational information for the certified irrigation designer general agriculture exam.

NEW: Proper Hydraulics Requires Thought

Intermediate  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  1 CEU 
Hydraulics is must-have knowledge to design and install functional irrigation systems. This class explores critical irrigation hydraulic factors. The course is best suited for students with basic-level hydraulic knowledge, but all are welcome.

NEW: Soil/Water Reactions With Irrigation

Intermediate  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  1 CEU 
Applied irrigation water must infiltrate into the soil and then percolate throughout the root zone via various forces. This class explores what’s happening underground during irrigation.

IA classes are not required for certification or endorsed by the IA Certification Board.