Pumps & Soils

Irrigated Soils

Intermediate  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  2 CEUs
Learn the essentials of the soil-water relationship. This course covers soil components, formation, physical properties and textural classes; water movement in the soil; and water uptake by plants.

Pump Controls & Package Systems

(formerly Advanced Pumps)
Advanced  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  4 CEUs  |  4 TCEQ CE
Learn about pump controls with a focus on variable frequency drives as well as “packaged” pump stations.


Advanced  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  3 CEUs
Master advanced concepts related to the soil-plant-air-continuum. This course covers how plants use water for transpiration and photosynthesis, store energy from the sun for use by other living things, and use and emit carbon and oxygen in a continuous cycle that is essential to life.

Understanding Pumps

(formerly Pumps & Pumping Systems)
Beginner  |  Agriculture, Landscape & Golf  |  4 CEUs  |  4 TCEQ CE
Learn about the types of pumps used in irrigation, pump performance, reading pump curves, making pump selections and an intro to basic pump controls.

IA classes are not required for certification or endorsed by the IA certification board.