Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Messaging Guide: Landscape

Landscape irrigation professionals can use the following talking points and descriptions to share the value of smart irrigation with their customers and network. Download our easy-to-use Photoshop templates to add your own pictures and start posting on social media.

Environmental Sustainability

Irrigated green spaces provide biodiversity and habitat for pollinators, create opportunities for carbon sequestration, and provide cooling for urban areas.

Vital Green Spaces

Through smart and efficient irrigation, our industry provides vital environmental services including carbon sequestration, soil conservation and plant pollination, while supporting growing, thriving communities.

More Livable Communities

Smart irrigation creates green spaces where people can play and stay active, providing health benefits for communities.


Cutting-Edge Careers

Smart irrigation creates high-tech jobs here in the United States and provides the technical and vocational jobs that keep our communities thriving.

Water Conservation

Using smart irrigation options like weather- and soil moisture-based controllers that automatically adjust the watering schedule based on conditions at your location helps keep your landscape healthy, while using less water.

Thriving Economies & Businesses

The irrigation industry contributes over $23 billion annually to the U.S. economy and enables businesses large and small to thrive.

Be a Smart Leader