Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Messaging Guide: Ag

Ag irrigation professionals can use the following talking points and descriptions to share the value of smart irrigation with their customers and network. Download our easy-to-use Photoshop templates to add your own pictures and start posting on social media.

Global Food Security

Through smart and efficient irrigation, our industry helps boost producers’ productivity and profitability, reduce risk, improve world food production, ensure national security and overcome pressures on water resources.

Protecting Our Environment

Smart irrigation helps farmers use water more efficiently and apply inputs more precisely, reducing pollution runoff and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Precision Agriculture

Smart irrigation allows farmers to provide water at the right time, in the right place and in the right amount to maximize yield while saving money through increased automation and reduced inputs and energy costs.


Cutting-Edge Careers

Smart irrigation creates high-tech jobs here in the United States and provides the technical and vocational jobs that rural communities need, enhancing the productivity — and prosperity — of agricultural communities.


Efficient irrigation maximizes yield and crop quality while reducing water loss and crop inputs. Farmers can incorporate smart irrigation technology to be both profitable and sustainable.

Thriving Economies & Businesses

The irrigation industry contributes over $23 billion annually to the U.S. economy and enables businesses large and small to thrive.

Be a Smart Leader