Smart Irrigation Month

Market Your Business

Do your customers understand that efficient irrigation can save them water and money? The Smart Irrigation Month campaign can position your company as a leader in water-saving practices with customers, business partners and peers.

Use these tips and ideas to market your business as a leader in smart irrigation.

Promote the benefits of smart irrigation with these pre-made social media graphics.

Share ways to improve irrigation efficiency with our updated full-page agriculture and landscape infographics, or share snippets of these on social media.

COMING SOON! Leverage the official 2024 Smart Irrigation Month messaging to highlight the importance of smart irrigation in your communications throughout July and beyond.

Feature water-efficient products and services in displays, ads, promotions and product demos with the Smart Irrigation Month logo.

Post a blog post about irrigation best practices on your website or incorporate it in your email marketing.

Use a banner, outside signage or counter sign to encourage customers to ask about how smart irrigation can save water and money.

Make smart irrigation the theme of sales calls to highlight how efficient irrigation equipment and practices can lower water and energy use and save customers money.

Encourage customers to make existing systems more efficient with easy retrofits, like rain sensors, moisture sensors and pressure regulators.

Be a Smart Leader

  • COMING SOON! Utilize our official messaging to spread the value of smart irrigation throughout July and beyond.
  • Add the Smart Irrigation Month logo to all your marketing materials and business documents.
  • Use these Zoom backgrounds to promote Smart Irrigation Month during calls.
  • Promote Smart Irrigation Month on social media.
  • Engage with local media to get the smart irrigation message out to your customers and the public.