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IA Certification Board updates CAIS program

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (Oct. 15, 2019) — The Irrigation Association’s Certification Board has updated the certified agriculture irrigation specialist exam content outline based on the results of a job task analysis finalized in June 2018. The exam content has expanded from 7 to 10 domains, and subdomains have been created for each domain. For more information, please see the job analysis summary published on

The Certification Board also lengthened the CAIS exam from 75 to 100 questions to ensure the entirety of the new content outline was covered in the new form. The revised exam will launch at the 2019 Irrigation Show and Education Week, Dec. 2-6 in Las Vegas.

The Certification Candidate Handbook found online at contains updated specification sheets and content outlines for the certified agriculture irrigation specialist. Additional study references and resources for the exam can be found on the Prepare for Exams page at

Visit the certified agriculture irrigation specialist website page at or contact the certification department at for more details. Go to for information about registering for the exam during the show.