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Irrigation startups showcased as the Irrigation Association announces 2023 Pitch Competition winners

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (Nov. 30, 2023) — The Irrigation Association announced the winners of the 2023 Pitch Competition, showcasing products by today’s groundbreaking agriculture and landscape irrigation technology startup companies. These companies are developing innovative products and solutions that are set to revolutionize the irrigation industry and lead to wise water use and improved irrigation efficiency.

The 2023 Agriculture Irrigation Pitch Competition winner is GS Vortex Systems. GS Vortex Systems offers technology that overcomes flowing drag problems with a fluid motion solution. Vortex Flow delivers gains in flow efficiency, system productivity and sustainability.

The 2023 Landscape Irrigation Pitch Competition winner is Summit Spray. The Summit Spray sprinkler head offers a high-reaching “power shower,” reaching from the ground up to 20 feet high to efficiently water plants, replacing the need to hand water or affix irrigation tubing up trees with a drip mount.

These winning startups represent what’s best about the future of irrigation and water management. Their visionary concepts are at the forefront of revolutionizing the integration of smart technology and the wise use of water.

“We were truly impressed by the exceptional quality and innovation displayed by the participants in this year’s Pitch Competition,” said IA CEO Natasha Rankin, MBA, CAE. “These entrepreneurs and innovators not only elevate their own enterprises, they bring creativity and transformative ideas that nourish the entire industry, fostering continued growth, sustainability and a thriving irrigation industry.”

The Pitch Competition is a testament to the Irrigation Association’s commitment to promoting innovation. By providing a platform for these promising startups to showcase their ideas, the IA is working to foster a thriving, growing irrigation industry.

This year’s competition featured 10 irrigation startup companies that gave presentations and were judged by a panel of experts evaluating the quality of their presentation, the product, market need and economic feasibility. Official judging was conducted live on the exhibit floor on Nov. 29 during the 2023 Irrigation Show and Education Week. The winners were announced Nov. 30 during the IA General Session.

Visit for more details about the contest and to see a list of the startup companies that exhibited at the show and participated in the Pitch Competition.