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Irrigation & Lighting opens Changing the Landscape Awards for entry

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (May 15, 2023)Irrigation & Lighting magazine, the business publication serving contractors in those industries, has opened its Changing the Landscape Awards program for this year’s entries.

The Changing the Landscape Awards recognize outstanding professional work done by irrigation and lighting industry professionals with winners’ projects featured in both print and online. These awards showcase the work done by green industry professionals to elevate the value and impact that landscape irrigation and lighting can have on our communities, green spaces and quality of life, while remaining good stewards of valuable natural resources.

Contractors can submit projects in one of two categories: Irrigation, sponsored by Hunter Industries, and Landscape lighting, sponsored by Brilliance LED. The application deadline is July 1. Professionals should submit projects that faced unexpected or unique challenges or produced unparalleled results for clients.

“This program highlights the best, most impressive examples of irrigation and lighting work,” says Kyle Brown, Irrigation & Lighting editor-in-chief. “Last year’s winners covered a huge smart controller upgrade project that improved water use for hundreds of homeowners, and a landscape lighting installation that required precise drilling expertise. This year, we’re looking forward to seeing what the absolute best in the industry have produced.”

Any projects within the two Changing the Landscape categories that were completed or had follow-up work done during 2022 are eligible for entry at Irrigation & Lighting’s website. Contractors may submit multiple projects, but each project can only be submitted to a single category. The Irrigation & Lighting Editorial Committee will judge all submissions and select the winners.

Information about last year’s winners, documentation required in the application and a link to enter the 2023 contest are available at