July is Smart Irrigation Month

Celebrate the benefits of smart irrigation

Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in landscape, turf and agricultural irrigation.

Irrigation Technology Tuesday

Participate in the joint Smart Irrigation Month celebration on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Join us by using #smartirrigationmonth on social media. We will announce the 2019 IA and Irrigation Foundation award winners. Learn more about the awards program here.

Be a Smart Leader

Do your customers understand that efficient irrigation can save them water and dollars? Get tips and ideas about how to be an industry leader during Smart Irrigation Month.

Engage Media

Get the Smart Irrigation Month message out to your customers and the public through media engagement.


Capitalize on the Smart Irrigation Month message by promoting the importance of water-use efficiency to your members of Congress, state government officials and local leaders during Smart Irrigation Month. This year, the Irrigation Association encourages everyone to weigh in on the farm bill. 

Tell us how you participated in Smart Irrigation Month 2018!

Want to be recognized for your Smart Irrigation Month efforts?


Quick Tips

Irrigation Industry

  • Promote Smart Irrigation Month in your email footer, newsletter, store or social media.
  • Be an industry leader by showing customers the benefits of smart irrigation.
  • Share information about water-saving technology and encourage smarter water usage.
  • Tell us what you are doing!

  • Water Providers

  • Leverage Smart Irrigation Month to reach out to your customers.
  • Engage the community by sharing about the benefits of smart irrigation by using fun resources.
  • Promote innovative smart watering technology.
  • Tell us what you are doing!

  • Green Industry Associations  

  • Partner with the IA to support smart water usage.
  • Reward or recognize your members who participate in Smart Irrigation Month.
  • Promote innovative smart water technologies and practices.
  • Tell us what you are doing!