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Code of Ethics 

All certified irrigation professionals must agree to follow the Code of Ethics established by the IA Certification Board. 
Certified irrigation professionals agree to 

  • uphold the integrity of the irrigation industry. 
  • protect public health and safety. 
  • comply with all local, state and national laws and regulations. 
  • adhere to the concepts of free enterprise. 
  • follow fair and honest business practices including legitimate representation of my personal capabilities, experience, certifications and licenses. 
  • apply ethical business practices to all contractual and warranty obligations. 
  • use responsible procedures in the design, installation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems. 
  • promote best management practices for water, soil and energy through efficient and cost-effective irrigation system design, installation, maintenance and management. 
  • work to gain respect and recognition for the irrigation industry at the local, regional, national and international levels. 

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