Position Statements

Water Storage, Infrastructure and Conveyance

Users of efficient irrigation products and services depend on reliable sources of water to meet the demands of a growing population. Therefore, water infrastructure is of critical importance to the irrigation industry. In many cases, today’s infrastructure is insufficient to meet the growing demands of our society, as the infrastructure was designed to accommodate a smaller population, lower economic activity and lower environmental requirements than we experience today and expect in the future. Therefore, additional and improved water infrastructure is needed to meet current and future needs.

Efficient irrigation technologies, products and services, along with other demand-side measures, are important parts of a broader portfolio of necessary water management solutions. Supply-side solutions, such as new storage and improved water infrastructure, also have an important role to play in a comprehensive water management strategy. Investment, maintenance and improvement of urban and agriculture water supplies are essential to ensuring water is available for irrigation for future generations.

As part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure that water is available for irrigation for future generations, the Irrigation Association supports the development of and investment in new and existing water infrastructure, including but not limited to, aboveground and belowground storage facilities and conveyance systems.

Adopted by the IA Board of Directors, December 2010.