Position Statements

Product Labeling for Efficient Landscape Irrigation Equipment

Product labeling, the recognition or certification of a landscape irrigation product by independent third-party organizations, provides an important level of assurance to consumers that products are designed to meet a certain performance level. The Irrigation Association believes that labeling is essential to widespread adoption of water-saving irrigation technologies, products and services and to long-term sustainability of water resources.

Labeling landscape irrigation technologies, products and services that meet established standards for water efficiency and performance:

  • Encourages product designers and manufacturers to develop sustainable landscape irrigation solutions.
  • Assists policymakers in developing rebate and other financial incentive programs.
  • Helps consumers make smart choices to reduce water use and utility bills.
  • Allows water providers to minimize peak water use and reduce demand on aging infrastructure.

The Irrigation Association supports independent third-party programs that label landscape irrigation products that are developed with proper input of appropriate stakeholders.

Adopted by the IA Board of Directors, December 2010.