Position Statements

Incentives for Efficient Irrigation Products and Services

The irrigation industry provides a broad range of products and services that enable the efficient use and reuse of water in production agriculture and landscape management.

Irrigation products and services:

  • Increase agricultural yields per unit of input.
  • Preserve and protect ecosystems.
  • Enhance quality of life for citizens through the enhancement and preservation of our nation’s landscape systems.
  • Fostering the adoption of efficient irrigation technologies and practices is an effective way to improve overall water-use efficiency and water quality, while sustaining these resources for future generations.

Public policy can and does accelerate the adoption of products and services through incentives, including cost sharing, regulatory relief, tax credits, rebates and technical assistance. Examples of successful incentives include the Environmental Quality Incentives Program for agriculture and a wide range of local programs that encourage adoption of efficient irrigation technologies and practices for landscape applications.

The Irrigation Association supports the development and promotion of environmentally responsible economic and regulatory incentives for:

  • Installation of efficient irrigation products and systems.
  • Retrofits of existing irrigation systems with water-efficient technologies.
  • Design and maintenance practices that foster and support efficient irrigation.

Adopted by the IA Board of Directors, July 2011.