Position Statements

Alternative Water Sources for Irrigation

As society confronts the challenges of capturing and delivering sufficient freshwater to meet the needs of agricultural, industrial, municipal and environmental users, one way of expanding the usable supply of water is through the use of harvested, recycled and/or reclaimed water for irrigation.

In some cases, potable water is the only water resource available for irrigation, either because of infrastructure constraints or regulation. Under suitable conditions, irrigating crops, landscapes and recreational areas with harvested, recycled and/or reclaimed water will not only increase the water available for health and human safety, but will also support the environment through economic, social and environmental benefits. Regardless of source, all water must be treated to appropriate purity levels prior to use.

Like potable water, non-potable water is a vital and limited resource. The Irrigation Association supports the efficient first use and appropriate reuse of water resources for irrigation.

Adopted by the IA Board of Directors, December 2010.