Eligibility & Application

The 2023 New Product Contest application is now closed.

The Irrigation Association is excited to celebrate the ongoing success of this unique contest as it continues to showcase new irrigation technologies.

Contestants are required to be a 2023 Irrigation Show exhibitor to compete in the contest.

NEW! In 2023, applications will be accepted in the following categories with two competition tiers differentiated by the company’s annual revenue from its most recently completed calendar/fiscal year. This change enables companies to compete more equitably. The IA has the right to adjust the tiers if necessary to make a more productive competition.


  • agriculture irrigation
  • landscape irrigation
  • landscape lighting

Revenue Tiers in Each Category (determined by annual revenue)

  1. Greater than or equal to $20 million
  2. Less than $20 million

There must be a minimum of three entries per tier to hold the competition in that tier/category. In the event that there are not enough entries, the tier amount will be adjusted as necessary to accommodate that category.

NEW! Submission Limit

Companies may submit a maximum of three entries per category. Separate company divisions that operate under a different name may also submit up to three entries per category.

Product Eligibility

  • Products and services must have been introduced and available for purchase between Nov. 1, 2022, and Nov. 30, 2023, to be eligible for consideration.*
  • Products submitted for acceptance in the agriculture irrigation and landscape irrigation categories include
    • integral parts of an irrigation system used to deliver, disperse or manage water for irrigation.
    • specialty tools, design programs, etc.

*Products and services entered in the 2022 New Product Contest or the 2022 or 2023 Pitch Competition are not eligible to complete in the 2023 New Product Contest.

Dates & Fees  
Contest dates
     •  Applications open – July 17
     •  Application deadline – Aug. 31
     •  Product setup at the show – Nov. 28
     •  Presentations and judging – Nov. 29
     •  Announcement of winners – Nov. 30
     •  $1,000 – first product
     •  $550 – each additional product
A separate agreement form must be submitted per entry.
Payment is required at the time of application submission for each entry.