2018 New Product Contest Winners

2018 was a record-breaking year for the new product contest, with 58 new products and technologies entered in five categories. Products were evaluated based on innovation, design quality, increased water/resource-use efficiency, ease of use and product life expectancy. Contest judges were experienced professionals with technical knowledge and industry expertise. The winners were announced Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, during the IA general session.

Agriculture Irrigation

Nelson Irrigation | S7 Spinner

The S7 Spinner is the first spinning microsprinkler to use flow-control nozzles. These nozzles deliver the same flow rate over a range of pressure by reducing the orifice size as pressure increases, while also including quick-clean technology and full modularity.

Agriculture Specialty

Arable | Arable Mark

The Arable Mark is an “internet of things”-enabled irrigation management tool, weather station and crop monitor all in one. Utilizing a seven-band spectrometer and an acoustic disdrometer, the easy-to-use solar-powered device collects over 40 relevant plant and climate data streams.

Landscape Irrigation

Great Plains Industries | FLOMEC QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The QS200 has no moving parts and utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure flow instead of simply sensing it. It offers LED indication of power and flow activity and retrofits into Data Industrial PVC tees.

Landscape Specialty

Ecoturf Midwest Inc. | TreeDiaper 36" Advanced Hydration Mat

The TreeDiaper uses super-absorbent polymers and a unique design to manage and store water more efficiently for new tree, bush and shrub plantings. It also works as a weed barrier and frost protection blanket, while targeting the area away from a tree’s trunk to encourage healthy root growth.

Landscape Lighting

Brilliance LED | WiFi Smart MR-16 and PAR-36 lamps

The WiFi Smart lamps are 100 percent controllable from a smart phone, either individually or grouped into zones. Users are able to change colors, dim and set timers from anywhere in the world.

For information about entering a product at the 2019 Irrigation Show and Education Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact our IA exhibit services manager.