Industry Insights  

Take a look at education’s new look!

We’ve taken this year’s education at the Irrigation Show to a whole new level! Yes, you will still hear about the latest cutting-edge research covering a variety of irrigation topics, but the new Industry Insights sessions take it a step further and offer you even more.

Here’s a taste of new and different topics you can hear about during this year’s Industry Insights:

  • the Irrigation Consumer Bill of Rights
  • mobile apps for water conservation in turfgrass
  • the H-2A & H-2B guest worker program
  • severe weather and ways to protect your crew and clients
  • social media and how to use it in your business
  • rainwater collection
  • Wi-Fi technology and how to incorporate it in your business
  • research updates and reports around the country

Industry Insights is where irrigation professionals go to learn about the latest industry trends, research projects, best practices and today’s relevant topics — all from knowledgeable experts in the industry. These sessions vary from 30- to 90-minute formats and include everything from single presentations to panel discussions. There are four tracks to choose from; browse the presentations in each track and customize your schedule with those that interest you.

A total of 34.0 CEU hours is available. The sessions are open to all attendees with a full registration or an Industry Insights and exhibit hall registration.