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Discover great ideas, learn new skills and earn CEUs with the industry’s best education for agriculture, landscape and golf irrigation. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, IA education classes teach concepts and practical skills you can implement immediately.

IA classes include

  • real-world applications and irrigation case studies.
  • current techniques, field-tested information and best practices.
  • instructors with industry expertise and proven teaching experience.

Education classes are priced separately and are not included in the full registration fee. Each class registration includes a free exhibits-only pass, which includes access to exhibits, the new product contest, show floor presentations, keynote address and general session.

Class Options

Browse education classes by focus:

  • pumps and soils
  • agriculture
  • landscape and golf
  • business basics classes

Pumps & Soils

Irrigated Soils

Intermediate | Agriculture, Landscape & Golf | 2 CEUs
Learn the essentials of the soil-water relationship. This course covers soil components, formation, physical properties and textural classes; water movement in the soil; and water uptake by plants.
Member $80 | Nonmember $105 (includes handouts)

Pumps & Pumping Systems

Beginner | Agriculture, Landscape & Golf | 4 CEUs
Learn about the types of pumps used in irrigation, pump performance, pump selection, operating points and power units with this half-day session. You will be introduced to pump controls including variable frequency drives and learn how to evaluate pumping costs.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes manual)

Advanced Pumps

Advanced | Agriculture, Landscape & Golf | 4 CEUs
Learn how centrifugal and positive displacement pumps really work. Content includes pump basics, sizing and appropriate use, as well as how to read and interpret different types of pump curves.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)


Advanced | Agriculture, Landscape & Golf | 2 CEUs
Master advanced concepts related to the soil-plant-air-continuum. This course covers how plants use water for transpiration and photosynthesis, store energy from the sun for use by other living things, and use and emit carbon and oxygen in a continuous cycle that is essential to life.
Member $80 | Nonmember $105 (includes handouts)


Agricultural Drip/Micro Design 

Advanced | Agriculture | 16 CEUs
Design efficient, economic irrigation systems for orchards and row crops. Two full days cover crop requirements, filtration, pumping, pressure regulation and emitter/sprayer selection. This class is recommended as a review for the certified irrigation designer drip/micro specialty exam.
Member $295 | Nonmember $395 (includes manual)

Center Pivot Design

Advanced | Agriculture | 16 CEUs
Understand center pivot design and system management. Two full days cover theory and practical applications, including nozzle selection, application rates and scheduling. Recommended class preparation includes Principles of Irrigation.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual)

Principles of Irrigation: Agriculture

Intermediate | Agriculture | 16 CEUs
Master theory and application principles for agriculture in this intensive session. Two full days cover soil-water-plant relationships, advanced hydraulics, electricity, pumps, valves and irrigation equipment. This class is recommended as a review for the certified irrigation designer general agriculture exam.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual)

Agricultural Irrigation Specialist

Advanced | Agriculture | 13 CEUs
Master irrigation management for surface (furrow and border strip) and pressurized (micro and sprinkler) systems. This one-and-a-half-day session includes irrigation volume and frequency, evapotranspiration and crop coefficients, scheduling, and salinity effects. This class is recommended as a review for the certified agricultural irrigation specialist exam.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual)

Landscape & Golf

Electrical Troubleshooting: Diagnosing Field Wiring Problems

Beginner |& Landscape & Golf | 4 CEUs
Save time and money with this practical course in electrical troubleshooting. This half-day class covers diagnosing field wiring problems and proper use of volt-ohm meters. Learn to systematically assess and resolve confusing electrical problems.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)

Irrigation Components for Residential/Light Commercial Systems

Beginner | Landscape | 4 CEUs
Increase your understanding of components for residential and small commercial irrigation systems. This half-day course covers system components from the point of connection to the point of water application, including how control systems, valves, sprays and rotors work.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)

Landscape Irrigation Auditor 

Intermediate | Landscape | 16 CEUs
Learn how to assess irrigation system performance. This two-day session covers field tests and calculating accurate watering schedules based on plant water use, soils and local weather data. This class is recommended as a review for the certified landscape irrigation auditor exam. 
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual)

Landscape Irrigation Contractor

Advanced | Landscape | 16 CEUs
This two-day class is a comprehensive refresher for experienced contractors. Topics include soil-water-plant relationships, hydraulics, basic electricity, grounding, pumps, building codes, scheduling and system uniformity. This class is recommended as a review for the certified irrigation contractor exam.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual)

Landscape Irrigation Design 

Beginner | Landscape | 16 CEUs
Take your landscape designs to the next level. This fast-paced course covers basic hydraulics, sprinkler head layout, zoning, pipe sizing, routing and matched precipitation rate principles. Students will complete two designs during the two-day class.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual)

Principles of Irrigation: Landscape

Intermediate | Landscape & Golf | 16 CEUs
Master theory and application principles for turf-landscape in this intensive session. Two full days cover soil-water-plant relationships, advanced hydraulics, electricity, pumps, valves and irrigation equipment. This class is recommended as a review for the certified irrigation designer general landscape/turf exams.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual/handouts)

Advanced Irrigation Wiring Methods & Troubleshooting

Intermediate | Landscape & Golf | 4 CEUs
Master wiring for today’s sophisticated control systems. This half-day session will cover different types of transformers, proper phasing (primary and secondary), diagnosing problems using different meters, wire sizing for communication cables and two-wire systems, DC controllers, special solenoids, and proper splicing techniques.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes manual)

Hydraulic Troubleshooting

Intermediate | Landscape l 4 CEUs
Review the essentials of hydraulics for landscape irrigation. This half-day class covers troubleshooting, design, system upgrades and more.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes manual)

Advanced Landscape Irrigation Design & Management

Advanced | Landscape & Golf | 8 CEUs
Improve landscape water efficiency with better design, including uniformity, equipment selection and technology. This full-day session will address advanced irrigation concepts.
Member $190 | Nonmember $250 (includes manual)

Alternative Water for Landscape Irrigation

Advanced | Landscape & Golf | 8 CEUs
Targeted at experienced designers, this full-day course covers the basics of sustainable irrigation systems. Topics include using reclaimed water and rainwater harvesting and how they apply to LEED and other sustainability programs.
Member $190 | Nonmember $250 (includes manual)

Landscape Drip Irrigation Design & Management

Intermediate | Landscape | 8 CEUs
Incorporate drip irrigation in landscape applications with this comprehensive review of key design elements, including emitter selection, system layout, applications and scheduling. This full-day session covers line and point source products.
Member $190 | Nonmember $250 (includes manual)

Landscape Irrigation Technician (English & Spanish Versions)

Beginner | Landscape & Golf | 8 CEUs
Learn the basics of hydraulics and irrigation system installation and maintenance. This full-day learning session covers an overview of irrigation system components and how they operate. Learn about gluing and repairing PVC pipe, installing nozzles and adjusting heads, setting and repairing electric valves, and field and controller wiring techniques. This class is recommended as a review for the certified irrigation technician exam.
Member $190 | Nonmember $250 (includes manual)

Landscape Water Management & Planning

Intermediate | Landscape | 8 CEUs
Learn how to create water budgets, develop irrigation schedules, document water usage, and plan for periods of drought. This full-day class will help attendees maximize the benefits of smart technology and work effectively with water providers.
Member $190 | Nonmember $250 (includes handouts)

Two-wire Technology Systems for Landscapes

Advanced | Landscape & Golf l 4 CEUs
Advance your troubleshooting skills for two-wire systems. This class covers the intricacies of troubleshooting two-wire control systems used in landscape irrigation systems. This class will address typical problems and diagnoses, procedures to avoid typical two-wire problems, and hands-on practice in solving problems in a classroom setting. You will also learn how to design and install flow sensors, decoders and grounding systems to protect expensive equipment.
Member $125 l Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)

Drip Irrigation Components & Installation for Landscapes (Spanish Version)

Beginner | Landscape l 4 CEUs
This four-hour class includes an overview of the advantages of drip systems, parts and components; where to install line source or point source systems; pressure compensating emitters; basic design; hydrozoning; and determining how many emitters per plant. Class includes some hands-on practice with fittings, assembly and retrofitting spray zones. This class will be taught in Spanish.
Member $125 l Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)

Landscape Business Basics

Managing a Landscape Irrigation Service Company: Water Management & Technology

Intermediate | Business | 4 CEUs
This class will help one develop an understanding of the relevant differences between an installation and a service business. We will look at how today's service business has changed dramatically into a "landscape water management business" and develop the tools needed to implement these services. We will also explore the many ways technology impacts this type of business from new controllers of the software and systems for managing a service company.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)

The Business of Landscape Irrigation Contracting

Intermediate | Business | 8 CEUs
This class provides several opportunities for students to be exposed to current business practices in strategic planning, business finances and marketing through presentation of relevant topics, group discussions and exercises on best practices. This is designed to be an engaging day focused on business management that irrigation contractors can use to successfully grow their companies.
Member $190 | Nonmember $250 (includes handouts)

Managing a Landscape Irrigation Service Company: Technicians, Pricing & Marketing

Intermediate | Business | 4 CEUs
Retaining well-trained service technicians is one of the largest challenges facing the irrigation service business. This class will explore the difficulties contractors encounter and present strategies for finding, hiring, training and keeping service technicians. This class will present some hands-on models for pricing, including understanding costs and models for technician and service contract rates. Lastly, different marketing topics, including service contracts and promotion will be discussed.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 (includes handouts)

Bidding & Estimating Landscape Irrigation Systems

Intermediate | Business | 8 CEUs
Develop bids that win jobs based on accurate estimates that keep your company in the black. This full-day course includes hands-on practice on the best contractor bidding systems. This class requires a laptop with Microsoft Office Excel 1997 or later.
Member $250 | Nonmember $330 (includes manual/software)

Math Refresher Seminar – FREE

Don’t let anything stand in the way of exceptional performance in the field, in IA classes and on certification exams. This two-hour session is an intensive review of the most common calculations and formulas used in irrigation system design, installation, audits and maintenance.