CAD Learning Labs

Irrigation designers interested in improving their efficiency and accuracy can take advantage of the CAD learning lab sessions. The CAD learning lab features both agriculture and landscape irrigation design techniques and best practices and allows participants to experience the speed, efficiency and accuracy offered by CAD-based irrigation software.

The 2019 CAD learning labs will be updated as topics are confirmed; the 2018 CAD labs can be seen below.

2018 Landscape Labs

Hands-on CAD Basics: Learning How to Draft in AutoCAD for Landscape

Beginner | Landscape | 4 CEUs
Have you been curious about whether CAD is right for you but scared to give it a try? Or, maybe you just want to improve your CAD skills. Join this interactive, hands-on, four-hour class to get an in-depth lesson on CAD basics, as well as an understanding of blocks and how to work with them inside of CAD. By the end of this session, you’ll also be able to bring in imagery or additional external referenced files (Xrefs) and set up your plan to start your irrigation designs. Areas that will be covered include CAD basics, blocks and CAD symbology (how to represent elements of irrigation design within CAD), introduction to irrigation design in CAD (drawing setup, bringing in aerial images and PDFs, layers, block selection). Laptops will be provided.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165

Hands-on Irrigation Design Within AutoCAD

Intermediate/Advanced | Landscape | 4 CEUs
This four-hour class adds hands-on CAD experience for those who have attended the earlier training class or for those who are familiar with the use of AutoCAD. By the end of this class, you will know the ins and outs of irrigation tools available for designing irrigation within AutoCAD. Areas that will be covered include intermediate irrigation design in CAD (tools for placing and designing), advanced irrigation design in CAD (piping, hydraulics, revisions). Laptops will be provided.
Member $125 | Nonmember $165 

2018 Agriculture Labs

Introduction to the Basics of CAD for Agriculture

Beginner | Agriculture | 4 CEUs
Discover how CAD can be used in agriculture irrigation design. Basic CAD tools will be covered that facilitate the importation of base data, drawing the layout of irrigation systems, working with elevation, and interacting with online sources of information like Google Earth. For those with limited or no previous CAD experience, this class will be a great entry point and will lead into the intermediate class in the afternoon. 
Member $125 | Nonmember $165

Advancing Your CAD Skills for Agriculture

Intermediate/Advanced | Agriculture | 4 CEUs
The class covers the use of irrigation-specific CAD software for designing agricultural irrigation systems. Irrigation-specific CAD software contains features beyond those of standard CAD software. Each step in the design process is automatically linked to other parts of the process. Major elements include the importation of base information, aerial imagery and topography; tools to layout and subdivide irrigation blocks; hydraulic analysis tools to size pipes within designer specified tolerances; calculation of a bill of materials using a customizable database; and production of hydraulic reports, material reports, management reports and an irrigation system plan for installation details. 
Member $125 | Nonmember $165