Why Attend the Show?

As an irrigation professional, you want to set yourself apart to customers, stay on the cutting-edge of the changing industry and find ways to grow your business. The Irrigation Show and Education Week provides every way for you to find success — all during one week in a great location.

Whether your focus is agriculture or landscape, the Irrigation Show provides

  • the industry’s most comprehensive list of education offerings.
  • hands-on access to the latest products and technologies.
  • valuable programs, events and sessions designed to help you improve your irrigation practices.

Respondents agreed that the Irrigation Show provides a good perspective on the state of the irrigation industry. Irrigation professionals return year after year because they believe it is a good value for the price.

When you invest in a few days — it will pay dividends all year long.

Featured Products & Systems

Alternate water sources equipment
Backflow prevention equipment
Canal automation equipment
Center pivot/lateral move systems & components
Chemical & fertilizer equipment
Clamps & pipe restraints
Computer software design
Consulting services
Data loggers
Drainage systems & fittings
Drip/microirrigation systems & components
Electric motors & components
Flags, tape & marking products
Flow controls, sensors & meters
Freeze protection
Gated pipe systems & components
Global positioning systems
Geographic information systems
Greenhouse/nursery products
Hand move systems & components
Hand tools
Landscape lighting & products

Liners & moisture sealant products
Locators – electrical/pipe & metal detectors
Misting & cooling systems
Pipe & accessories
Pond & water features equipment & supplies
Pressure fittings, gauges & regulators
Pumps & pump drives
Rain sensors
Rainwater harvesting equipment
Remote control products
Side roll systems & components
Soil moisture sensors
Solid set systems & components
Spray nozzles
Sprinkler systems & components
Storage tanks
Swing joints
Traveler hose, reels & components
Water disinfection equipment
Water features & fountains
Water filters, strainers & sand separators
Water resources management
Water treatment
Weather monitoring equipment
Well screens
Wire & wire connectors