Tested Products

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors temporarily shut off the irrigation system so it doesn’t run when it’s raining. These products are also referred to as rain shut-off devices or rain switches. Rain sensors can be retrofitted on installed sprinkler systems.

The most common rain sensor models include an absorbent disk that swells when it gets wet, triggering an electrical switch that overrides the irrigation system. The disk shrinks as it dries out, allowing the system to operate normally. Other models weigh the amount of water collected or use a set of probes to detect the water level.

SWAT Testing Protocol

SWAT began developing a testing protocol for rain sensors in April 2007. Version 3.0 of the protocol was approved and adopted in October 2009. More information about SWAT protocols can be found on the Testing Protocols page.

Product Testing Results

05/09/2012 — Hunter Rain-Clik
05/09/2012 — Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik

For questions about SWAT or rain sensors, contact the Irrigation Association via email or by calling 703.536.7080.