Sponsor IA Classes in Your Community

Sponsor Irrigation Association classes and bring the finest education to irrigation and green industry workers:

  • Provide real world, hands-on knowledge.
  • Minimize peak water use.
  • Improve water management and conservation.
  • Protect water quality.
  • Empower landscape and irrigation professionals to meet today's water-use challenges. 

Quality Offerings

Water agencies and utilities are invited to sponsor IA classes. The process is straightforward:

  • You pick the classes, provide the location and recruit the students.
  • IA provides an expert instructor and supplies all classroom materials.
  • Outsource registration to IA or do it yourself.

Choose from our catalog of almost 20 courses for landscape, golf, agriculture and business. IA classes:

  • Teach best practices and techniques while remaining brand neutral.
  • Combine theory with hands-on experience.
  • Enhance expertise in the field and improve business management practices.
  • Offer relevant training for all experience levels, from those new to the industry to experienced irrigation professionals.

IA-member attendees qualify for price discounts and everyone earns CEUs.

Become Part of Today's Water Solution

Help your customers and employees become part of today's water solution: