Pop-up Sprinkler Head Check Valves

Pop-up sprinkler head check valves are designed for use on slopes or hills, where water at rest collects at the lowest point in the irrigation system’s pipes. Depending on how extreme the elevation is, “low head drainage” may create enough pressure to force water out of the sprinkler and drain the piping.
Check valves automatically open and close to allow water to only flow in one direction. The valve components are built into the sprinkler, eliminating the need to install a separate check valve under each sprinkler. The latest version of the test protocol is designed to measure how well check valves operate, including an endurance test of long-term reliability. 

SWAT Testing Protocol

SWAT began developing a testing protocol for sprinkler check valves in May 2012. Version 2.3 of the protocol was released in June 2014.
For questions about SWAT or sprinkler check valves, contact the Irrigation Association (703.536.7080; Past versions of testing protocols can be found in the Archives.