Join the effort to maximize outdoor irrigation efficiency through the use of "Smart" Water Application Technologies.

Smart Water Application Technologies, or SWAT, is a national partnership initiative of water purveyors and irrigation industry representatives created to promote landscape water use efficiency through the application of state-of-the-art irrigation technologies. This web site will help you discover how “smart” irrigation technologies are changing the face of landscape irrigation and the benefits of taking part in promoting efficient water use.

Landscape Contractors

Find out how “smart” irrigation technologies can help you grow your business and improve client satisfaction.

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Join the “smart” irrigation technologies revolution by supporting Smart Water Application Technologies efforts.

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New Home Developers

Learn how “smart” irrigation technologies add value and maximize limited water resources to help meet growing water demands.

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Water Purveyors

Help maximize limited water resources by implementing a “smart” irrigation technologies initiative in your community.

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Designers and Specifiers

Discover how “smart” irrigation technologies help meet client and community demand for environmentally sustainable irrigation solutions.

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Support your contractors as the irrigation industry introduces water-saving “smart” technologies.

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