2020 Agriculture Faculty Academy Webinar Series

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Adaptive Irrigation Management Using the Food, Agriculture & Resource Management System (FARMs) Webinar
Isaya Kisekka, UC Davis
Changing climate and competition for water are driving growers to adopt resource use efficient management practices. An example is the growing digital farming movement that focuses on the use of data and models to support farm-level decision-making. This session will demonstrate how an advanced web-based platform called the Food, Agriculture and Resource Management System (FARMs) can be used to optimize production and economic objectives while minimizing environmental impacts in irrigated production systems.

Automation & Monitoring Tools for Ag Webinar

Diganta Adhikari, Irrometer Company; Craig Bell, Valmont Industries; and Sean O'Neill, Hunter Industries
The growing global population affects pricing, supply chain and delivery of agricultural produce. These growing and shifting demands need to be met by the agriculture industry that is facing labor shortages and rising costs of managing a farm. In the face of these challenges, farmers are turning to technology to make farms more efficient. Automation with feedback from monitoring tools allows for farm operations to be efficient at reduced labor costs. This session will cover the underlying automation concepts as well as commercially available tools and services specific to agriculture irrigation.
Frost Protection & Overhead Cooling Applications Webinar
Kosana Suvocarev, UC Davis and Adam Wolf, Arable Labs Inc. 
Successful growing of crops depends on careful choice of location for preventing frost damage, which is one of the biggest weather-related economic losses in agricultural production. When it comes to orchard systems, the choice of the location will also depend on the chilling requirements together with the frost prevention. Since these are difficult to balance in most cases, some of the frost protection measures are often necessary to prevent the yield loss in short term and permanent damage in long term. This session will present information on common methods of frost protection and overhead cooling applications together with the description of the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms that increase risk of frost damage. In addition, a software developed specifically for decision-making on cost-effectiveness of frost protection methods will be explained. The session will end with an open discussion on the topic.

Irrigation Design Webinar
Graham Hutchinson, CID, Nelson Irrigation
Learn about the tools that can make irrigation designs more efficient and accurate. This session will cover why irrigation designers need these tools, how the software is used to quickly obtain site information, lay out irrigation systems, design within user-specified hydraulic parameters, create plans, drawings and bills of materials.

Remote Sensing & Use of Aerial Imagery in Ag Webinar
Kirk M. Stueve, PhD, Ceres Imaging 
Learn how advancements in remote sensing and aerial imagery are being used in precision irrigation. 

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