IA Times, March 2019

IA works to keep your credentials respected

The IA’s well-respected Select Certified program has set the bar for irrigation professionals since 1983. Through earning the IA’s credentials, irrigation professionals are able to demonstrate their commitment to the industry and show that they have the expertise and knowledge to get a job done right.

Ensuring that these hard-earned credentials remain relevant and respected in the industry is a top priority. The IA's professional development department is working hard behind the scenes on initiatives to ensure that goal is accomplished.


The IA is currently planning a job analysis for the certified golf irrigation auditor and certified landscape irrigation auditor exams. A job analysis is conducted to review and analyze the duties necessary to perform a job and then ensure that the exam is assessing the appropriate skills needed. Conducting job analyses ensures that IA exams are legally defensible and based on what individuals within the profession do in the field and how they apply their knowledge. Current plans for this job analysis include initial meetings with a group of subject matter experts in early April.


Work is underway to update the education materials for the Landscape Irrigation Technician class. 

Item writing

An item writing workshop is planned in mid-March to train Certification Board members and other subject matter experts on how to write questions for future exams.

Irrigation professionals work hard to earn the credentials offered through the Select Certified program. It takes experience and knowledge — as well as time and money. The IA’s goal is to ensure that the personal and professional rewards that come with certification remain worthwhile and substantial.

For more information or questions about the IA’s certification program, contact the professional development department (703.536.7080).