IA Times, September 2018

Water Rating Index standard goes out for public comment

The first draft of the Residential Energy Services Network proposed standard BSR/RESNET/ICC 1101-201x, Water Rating Index, is open for public comment through Sept. 17. This standard establishes a uniform methodology for evaluating, rating and labeling the water-use performance of single family and duplex dwelling units. This rating index also considers outdoor water use.

The methodology in the proposed standard compares the water-use performance of an actual home (rated home) with the water-use performance of a reference home of the same geometry, resulting in a relative water-use rating called the Water Rating Index. Where the water-use performance of the actual home and the reference home are equal, the Water Rating Index is 100.

To review and comment on the draft, use this link. Comments will be accepted through Sept. 17 on all text submitted in the PDS-01 form.

HERSH2O pilot project is underway

RESNET hosted a webinar on June 20 to kick off the formal pilot phase for HERSH2O (Home Energy Rating System). The webinar provided an introduction to HERSH2O, including the technical guidelines, inspection checklist, inspection guidance and calculation spreadsheet. To get more information about HERSH2O and all the materials necessary to participate in the pilot project, use this link.

RESNET’s goal of this pilot is to field test the HERSH2O calculation methodology, inspection checklist and inspection guidance and gain feedback on the type of training that HERS raters will need to conduct water efficiency ratings. If you’re interested in participating in this pilot, please contact Ryan Meres. The pilot phase will conclude at the end of 2018. More information is also available on RESNET’s new podcast, REStalk, hosted by Bill Spohn.