IA Times, December 2018

Irrigation standards discussed at international meeting

In October 2018, the International Standards Organization Technical Committee 23/Subcommittee 18 Irrigation Equipment met in Tel Aviv, Israel, for its annual face-to-face discussions and joint work on irrigation standards. The 2018 meeting included representatives from Israel, Canada, Spain, China, India and the United States. This 40+ delegation was the largest ever assembled to work together on ISO TC23/SC18 standards.

The Irrigation Association has been actively involved with standards development for many years, and IA Board member Stephen W. Smith, PhD, FASIC, CAIS, CLIA, participated as the head of the U.S. delegation, along with U.S. delegation members Dan Berne; Andres Ferreyra, PhD; and Charles Hillyer, PhD.

The U.S. delegation is seeking representatives from irrigation companies to participate on the U.S. technical advisory group. With standards development occurring in areas related to the “internet of things,” control and management, irrigation industry representatives with expertise in these subjects would be valuable contributors on the U.S. TAG.

Standards that are new or currently under systematic review cover the following topics:

  • remote monitoring and control technologies
  • test methods and characterization of distribution of sprinklers
  • microirrigation emitters and clogging
  • small plastic valves
  • filters
  • thermoplastic collapsible hoses for irrigation

This technical advisory group meets by conference call on an as-needed basis to discuss current developments. For information about participating on the U.S. TAG, contact Stephen Smith or Brent Mecham, CID, CLWM, CIC, CLIA, CAIS, (703.536.7080).

The 2019 ISO meeting will be hosted by the Chinese delegation in Shanghai, China. Those interested in getting more involved in ISO activities should contact Jean Walsh, ASABE standards administrator.

Representatives from six different countries recently met in Tel Aviv, Israel, for the 2018 International Standards Organization Technical Committee 23/Subcommittee 18 Irrigation Equipment meeting.