Smart Irrigation Month

Public Service Announcements

Spread the word about Smart Irrigation Month in your community with public service announcements. The Irrigation Association has developed a series of short (15 to 30 seconds) PSAs for use by industry firms, water providers and green associations.
To place PSAs with local radio stations:

  • Find contact information on each station’s website.
  • Contact the station’s public affairs or community director in June for July airplay.
  • Ask whether the station prefers prerecorded PSAs or scripts that radio personalities can read on the air.
  • Consider customizing scripts to speak directly to your community’s water issues.
  • Provide scripts and timing with prerecorded PSAs.

PSAs are also an easy way to promote Smart Irrigation Month to customers. Play a prerecorded announcement as part of your on-hold message, or customize one of the scripts to promote your company’s smart products and services.
Download PSAs: