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“Shark Tank” success story to appear at 2017 Irrigation Show & Education Conference

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (Sept. 11, 2017)
— Johnny Georges, creator of the tree T-PEE and former contestant of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” will make a special appearance at the 2017 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Georges will speak on Nov. 9 at the IA Pitcher’s Mound, an event modeled after the popular reality TV show he appeared on in 2013. The event provides an avenue to help inventors, entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the irrigation arena bring new products to market, similar to how Georges brought his tree T-PEE to fame.

Growing up in a family of citrus farmers, Georges understands the various challenges growers face. He created the tree T-PEE, a water and nutrient containment system that allows growers to use significantly less water when irrigating trees. This new method of smart water conservation caught the eye of entrepreneur and philanthropist John Paul Dejoria who was a guest “shark” on the episode in which Georges appeared.

The partnership was a perfect match due to Dejoria’s involvement in water conservation. The day after the episode aired, Georges’ inbox was flooded with over 56,000 emails, and he sold thousands of tree T-PEEs that night. Since appearing on “Shark Tank,” Georges has been traveling the country, showing farmers how the tree T-PEE works. The product is now sold internationally and Georges recently secured a deal with The Home Depot.

Georges will share his experiences and successes with IA Pitcher’s Mound entrepreneurs who are in the same position he was when the tree T-PEE was relatively unknown.

For more information on how to qualify for the IA Pitcher’s Mound or to submit a product idea, visit the Irrigation Show website or call 703.536.7080. All applications are due by Sept. 15.