Tailgate Training

When every member of your team understands the best way to cut and assemble pipe, the proper terms for each fitting and size, and how to put it all together, you'll be completing jobs at a faster pace and won't be coming back to fix errors. Tailgate training is designed to help you instruct your team in the best practices of the irrigation trade for a fraction of what it would cost to train your staff one by one.

Easy to Teach, Easy to Learn

The Tailgate Training kit is designed to be portable and easy to teach from while onsite. The binder transforms into an easel to stand freely, and each lesson is printed on water- and tear-resistant paper to withstand the elements. Each training segment is designed to be concise and practical, lasting no longer than 30 minutes and engaging learners with hands-on examples and opportunities to test their understanding. As you flip through each lesson, your team will be able to see the full-color slides and diagrams on the front page while the leader will have access to trainer's notes on the reverse to help guide the lesson. You don't have to be an expert public speaker to lead a great class. After the class, keep track your team's progress on the included completion chart and revisit difficult lessons as needed.  Digital versions of the lessons are also included for presentation in the office.

Pipes, Fittings & Assembly

Now available in Spanish! This first edition is designed for irrigation professionals who are new to the field and contains five need-to-know practical lessons that will help them hit the ground running.

  • PVC Pipe Identification
  • PVC Fittings
  • Cutting and Assembling PVC Pipe
  • Polyethylene Pipe Identification
  • Poly Pipe Fittings and Clampings

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