Stewardship Policy

Irrigation is required to fulfill the world’s growing need for food, feed, fiber, fuel and the quality of life benefits provided by a healthy landscape.

The Irrigation Association’s mission is to promote efficient irrigation to ensure long-term sustainability of water resources. As stewards of a critical resource, we believe that efficient irrigation meets these needs while recognizing environmental and conservation concerns.


Support water resource planning that recognizes efficient irrigation is a beneficial process that provides food, feed, fiber, fuel and the overall quality of life benefits provided by a healthy landscape.

Reward Efficiency

Advocate for proactive water resource planning that establishes metrics to give preference to efficient irrigation water use at all times.


Recognize that efficient irrigation technologies and practices create and further opportunities to support population and economic growth in a sustainable fashion.


Support development of new and enhanced water resources, conveyance and storage facilities that result in more reliable water supplies for urban and agricultural use, while affording proper consideration for legitimate environmental concerns including the ongoing need to curtail water waste.


Support water reclamation and reuse initiatives, particularly for irrigation, including the use of reclaimed water from municipal, industrial, agricultural and other viable sources.


Support education and outreach to stakeholders directed at illustrating the benefits of efficient irrigation and improvements to irrigation water-use efficiency.


Support methods and practices that facilitate analysis of irrigation efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation system enhancements and practices directed at improvements in irrigation water-use efficiency.