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2017 Irrigation Foundation Scholarship Winners Announced

FAIRFAX, VA (April 19, 2017) 
– The Irrigation Foundation Scholarship program was established to develop and administer an awards program to promote careers and study in the irrigation field.

Sixteen students from colleges and universities around the nation were selected as recipients to receive scholarship awards from $1,000 to $2,500. These students ranging from community college to graduate programs have a passion for irrigation and are well on their way to an irrigation career. 

Winners of the 2017 Irrigation Foundation Scholarships:

  • Aaron Akin – Kansas State University
  • Brooke Bennett – Oregon State University
  • Jessica Berndt – Southeast Technical Institute
  • Connor Bolte – Kansas State University
  • Ansley Brown – Colorado State University
  • B.J. Cott – Kansas State University 
  • Vicky Duran – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo 
  • Kristen Fernandez – California Polytechnic State University 
  • Anna Fisher – Clemson University 
  • Aldo Garcia – California State University, Fresno
  • Spencer Jablonecki – University of Connecticut 
  • Siera Sylvester – Florida A&M University
  • Michelle Thurgood – Brigham Young University 
  • Lauren Walz – Kansas State University
  • Casey Weber – North Dakota State University 
  • Gilbert Young – Utah State University

Details about the application process for the 2018 Irrigation Foundation Scholarship program will be revealed in the fall. The due date for the application is set for February 2018.

Check out the Irrigation Foundation’s website for more information.