Industry Insights Call for Proposals

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2022, 5 p.m. Eastern

The Irrigation Association is now accepting proposals for Industry Insights. Industry Insight sessions are presentations and panel discussions presented live during the Irrigation Show and Education Week. Presenters will provide attendees with information on the latest research, innovations, regulatory complexities, career development, management strategies, sustainability and more. By presenting at the 2022 Irrigation Show, you’ll have the opportunity to build your professional network and share your experience and ideas with others. Industry Insights is a platform for thought leaders to present new/hot topics, trends and best practices.

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As part of your proposal submission, you will be asked to provide a detailed outline of your proposed session, as well as information about the audience the presentation would attract. Some submissions/sessions — based on content and subject matter — may have continuing education units applied to them by our senior certification manager.


  • contractors
  • dealers/distributors
  • manufacturers of irrigation components or complementary products
  • water/energy/utilities providers/ government representatives
  • consultants
  • growers and farmers
  • university educators and students
  • golf course/sports turf managers
  • business consultants
  • irrigation technicians
  • auditors
  • designers

Content focus areas

  • Advocacy & Best Practices: Strategies and tactics for advocating the value of efficient irrigation practices and systems.
  • Research & Technology: Modeling and direct measurement of crop water use, crop response to water stress, water use efficiency, plant-water-atmosphere interactions, adaptation strategies for climate change and climate variability, irrigation scheduling, and the development of online decision support tools.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Research and applied practice on social justice, equity, civil society, and/or ethical practice related to diversity and inclusion and the work of irrigation professionals.
  • Management & Strategy: Models, policies, and practices for management of an office or program concerned with irrigation, or strategies for planning efficient methods of managing water distribution
  • Innovations in Recruitment & Marketing: digital recruitment, use of social media, return on investment, communication strategies, branding, audience targeting, public relations and/or market trends, data, and analysis
  • Professional Development: Development of skills and strategies that will help agriculture and landscape professionals achieve career goals, reach leadership potential, and find balance between personal and professional life
  • Promoting Safety, Mitigating Risk, Responding to Crisis: Tools, communication processes, compliance, strategies, and planning that irrigation-focused businesses use when faced with a crisis or safety concern in-house or in the field
  • Regulatory Complexities: Guidance and information on government regulations in the United States and abroad that inform the lawful management of water resources and irrigation products
  • Student Preparation & Career Development: Career readiness of students studying agribusiness, landscape/horticulture, and water resource management –- preparing for transition to the workforce and developing reasonable employer expectations
  • Sustainability: Promotion of methods of irrigation that avoid wastefulness, or other green practices that benefit the industry and its agents. (e.g., environmental social and governance)

Noncommercial Policy

Under no circumstances should an Industry Insight session or presentation be used for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service or other self-interest.

Travel & Conference Registration

All presenters, including Industry Insight presenters, are required to register for the 2022 Irrigation Show and Education Week. The cost associated with attending the annual show, including registration, is the responsibility of the individual presenters. Presenters are not provided with honoraria or registration discounts.

Publication Materials

If your session proposal is accepted, your session title and abstract may be edited by IA staff for publication purposes.

Presenter Limits

An individual may be listed in any number of proposals; however, it is the IA’s policy that an individual, regardless of role, may present in no more than two. The number of presenters listed in a proposal should reflect the needs of the format selected. For all session presentations, a maximum of three individuals is permitted.


Session proposals MUST be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022.


After the Aug. 31 deadline, the IA Selection Committee will evaluate all proposals based on the IA’s Call for Proposals Scoring Rubric. After the review period, IA staff will review the committee’s evaluations and select highly rated proposals that contribute to a balanced and comprehensive program. Notifications regarding your proposal status will be sent by Sept. 9, 2022. The IA thanks you in advance for contributing your time and knowledge.

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