Booth space assignments will begin in March 2020.  Space will be assigned to all IA members whose booth space contracts were received on or before Feb. 28, 2020, with assignment order determined by the priority point system.

Where possible, location preferences — including requests for placement near or away from other exhibitors — will be accommodated for those companies that met the Feb. 28 deadline. IA-member booth requests received after Feb. 28 will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until all booth space is sold.

Nonmember booth space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis after all member assignments have been made. The IA reserves the right to relocate an exhibitor’s booth space due to facility changes, fire marshal regulations or any other reason in the best interest of the overall show. 

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Priority Point System

Booth space for IA-member exhibitors is assigned based on the priority point system, with assignment order determined by each company’s point total.

The priority point system rewards your company for support of the Irrigation Association. The greater your support, the more points you earn. The points your company earns each year are accumulated and applied toward your assignment order for the following year’s show.

To reward returning exhibitors for their loyalty, companies also receive one point for each year they exhibited at the show since 2000. Exhibitors that miss one to three consecutive years lose a percentage of their accumulated points; those that miss four consecutive years must begin accumulating points from scratch.

How to Earn Points

Priority points for booth assignment at the 2020 Irrigation Show will be calculated by adding points accumulated during previous years to those earned for activities through Dec. 31, 2019. Activities that qualify to earn 2020 priority points include

  • IA membership.
  • Sponsorships at the Irrigation Show.
  • Advertising in the Irrigation Show Guide.
  • Booth space at the Irrigation Show.
  • Point assignment and transfer.
  • Advertising in Irrigation Today and Irrigation & Green Industry.
  • Book hotel in the IA room block. 

Priority points earned for these activities are outlined in the box below. Sponsorships and booth space at the 2020 Irrigation Show, as well as advertising in the 2020 Irrigation Show Guide, will earn points toward your company’s total for the 2021 Irrigation Show. 

IA Membership
Regular Membership – 1 point
Premium Membership:
       Platinum – 5 points
       Gold – 3 points
       Silver – 2 points
       Bronze – 1 point

Magazine Advertising
Irrigation & Green Industry 
       6 full-page ads min. – 2 points
       6 fractional-sized ads min. – 1 point
Irrigation Today
       2 full-page ads min. – 2 points
       2 fractional-sized ads min. – 1 point

Platinum Plus – 5 points
Platinum – 4 points
Gold – 3 points
Silver – 2 points
Bronze – 1 point
Supporting – 1 point

IA Room Block
Book Hotel in IA room block – 1 point

Show Guide Advertising
One full-page minimum – 1 point

Booth Space Rental
1 booth – 1 point
2-5 booths – 2 points
6-16 booths – 3 points
17+ booths – 4 points

Point Assignment & Transfer

Points are assigned to the member company that earned them. Points are transferable from one member to a subsidiary or parent company at IA’s discretion. Transfer requests must be made in writing and accompanied by documentation of the corporate relationship.

Loyalty Points & Carry Over

Returning exhibitors receive one loyalty point for each year they have exhibited at the show since 2000.

Companies that do not exhibit every year can still earn points but are penalized based on how many consecutive years they miss. Your company’s accumulated point balance will be downgraded for each year your company does not exhibit. After missing four consecutive years, exhibitors’ point balances are zeroed out and they must begin accruing points from scratch. The following further defines this policy:

  • 1 year missed – lose 20 percent of accumulated points
  • 2 consecutive years missed – lose 40 percent of accumulated points
  • 3 consecutive years missed – lose 70 percent of accumulated points
  • 4 consecutive years missed – lose 100 percent of accumulated points

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