Past New Product Contest Winners


2017       HIT Products Corporation, Riser Manifold and Filter
2016       Dragon-Line LLC, Dragon-Line
2015       Nelson Irrigation Corporation, 3 NV Nozzle System for 3030 Series Pivot Sprinklers
2014       Lindsay Corporation, Multi-Control for Irrigation
2013       Waterman Industries, FlowMetrix System
2012       Sontek, a division of Xylem, Inc., SonTek-IQ and SonTek IQ-Pipe
2011       Valmont Irrigation, Variable Rate Irrigation with CropMetrics VRI Optimization Service (1st Place)
2011       HIT Products Corporation, Water Tool Sand Media Modular Filter (2nd Place)
2010       Senninger Irrigation Inc., Universal Pivot Product Platform
2009       Nelson Irrigation Corporation, R33 Rotator
2008       Valmont Irrigation, Valley AutoPilot Control Panel with GPS
2007       Lindsay Corporation, FieldNET Wireless Irrigation Network
2006       Metamix, Inc., Proportional Injector TF 25
2005       Soleno Textiles, Aquamat Water Conservation System 
2004       Netafim, NMC-64 Controller
2003       SonTek/YSI Inc., Argonaut-SW Acoustic Doppler Flowmeter
2002       Hunter Industries, Battery Operated Controllers


2017       Davis Instruments, EnviroMonitor 
2016       The Toro Company, Toro Drip Irrigation Recycling Program (Agriculture)
2016       MiniTrencher, GeoRipper (Landscape)
2015       Outpost Central Ltd., Wildeye Soil Moisture
2014       Munro Pump/Systems Inc., Munro Universal PRO Enclosure
2013       Irrigation Audit App and Sprinkler Catch Cups, Hydro-Rain
2012       Luxor ZD Lighting Controller, Hunter Industries / FX Luminaire
2011       Cleveland Tubing, Inc., The Flexible T/Y (1st place)
2011       Easy Pro Pond Products, Vianti Falls Kit (2nd place)
2009       Senninger Irrigation Inc., PRXF-LV (Pressure Regulator Extended Flow – Limit Valve)
2008       John Deere Green Tech, Micro Hydro-Electric Generator
2007       Champion-Arrowhead, Arrow-Breaker Hose Bibb


2017       Hunter Industries, ACC2 Controller 
2016       Hydro-Rain, Inc., Hydro-Rain HRC 400 B-hyve Pro Wifi Controller with Smart Meter Link
2015       Aqualone, Aqualone
2014       Hydro-Rain, Inc., PVC-Lock Manifold Tee
2013       The Toro Company, Toro EVOLUTION Series Controller
2012       The Toro Company, Precision Soil Sensor
2011       Rain Bird Corporation, High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzle (1st place)
2011       Weathermatic, SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network (2nd place)
2010       Rain Bird, XFS Subsurface Dripline
2009       DIG Corporation, LEIT-2ET System
2008       The Toro Company, Irrigation Division, Precision Series Spray Nozzles
2007       Flowtech, Flowtech Contractor Automatic Valve (CAV)
2006       Debonding Systems, Inc., Come Unglued
2005       Hunter Industries, ACC Controller
2004       Weathermatic, SmartLine SLW20 On-Site Weather Monitor & SL 1600 Controller
2003       Aqua Conserve, Inc., Irrigation Scheduler
2002       Walla Walla Sprinkler Co. (subsidiary of Nelson Irrigation Corp.), MP-Rotator Model MP2000

Landscape Lighting

2017       FX Luminaire, LP Underwater Puck Light 
2016       Illumicare Group Limited, LED MR16 Single Lens with Replaceable Optics
2015       FX Luminaire, Luxor ZDC
2014       Philips HADCO, FlexScape


2011       The Toro Company, Precision Sense Site Assessment (1st place)
2011       Rain Bird Corporation, Integrated Sensor System (ISS) (2nd place)
2009       Valve & Filter Corporation, Automatic Water Filter
2008       Watertronics, BAS Screen
2006       Paige Electric Company, L.P., Direct Burial Splice Kit (DB14-4)
2003       Wastewater Solutions, Inc., Aqua-Ject

NOTE: Awards are presented each year to categories that have a minimum of three entries.

New product contest winners are announced during the Irrigation Show at the general session.

Disclaimer: The Irrigation Show new product contest product entries are judged by a panel of industry experts based on information provided by the competition entrants. The New Product Contest award is not a warranty, endorsement or approval of these products.