IA Pitcher’s Mound

Thursday, Dec. 6

Come and watch irrigation inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their ideas hoping to hit a home run with the judges. Back by popular demand is the IA Pitcher’s Mound, an event modeled after ABC’s popular reality TV show “Shark Tank” that is meant to provide an avenue to help inventors, entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the irrigation arena bring new products to market. After offering a 10-minute pitch and answering questions, each entrepreneur waits for the call from the “umpires” on whether the product is a “strikeout,” “base hit,” or “home run.” Irrigation Show attendees are invited to watch.

The 2017 Pitcher’s Mound introduced an array of new irrigation product and technology ideas. Come and see what the 2018 “pitchers” bring to the show.

Eligible products must meet the following criteria:

  • The product does not qualify to be in the new product contest, and it has not been available in the marketplace for purchase prior to Sept. 30, 2018.
  • The product does exist as a beta model or is not in beta testing.
  • Presenter must have the rights to promote, sell and represent the product.

Interested in being on the IA Pitcher’s Mound? Contact Tiffany Wilson.

2017 Pitchers

Waldo Moraga — ECO2MIX by ECO2MIX Inc.
Ian Woodward-Smith — Control by Sprinkl.io LLC
Jaime Bayona — Emitter Flow Gauge by Smart Irrigation Consulting LLC
Carlos Pujadas — Subsurface Irrigation Grid by Dancar Industries LLC
Kevin McClain — Storm Water Interceptor by Southside Landscaping

“Shark Tank” success story appeared at 2017 Irrigation Show & Education Conference

The 2017 IA Pitcher’s Mound included a special guest appearance from former “Shark Tank” success story and creator of the infamous tree T-PEE®, Johnny Georges. Georges spoke about his experiences on the show and how pitching his product idea changed his life.

The tree T-PEE® was created by Johnny Georges, an Arcadia, Florida, entrepreneur and inventor. Georges has spent his entire life around citrus growers and knows the industry well. His passion is to help the industry and to provide a water conservation solution.

The tree T-PEE® serves several objectives. The cone-shaped tree guard, made of recycled plastic is positioned at the base of young trees. The product, which has been on the market since 1986, has been getting considerable notice now that the need to conserve water is so critical. University of Florida research shows that it helps save water, reduces fuel and fertilizer costs and helps increase growth by promoting root growth.

In 2013, Georges pitched his product on ABC’s Shark Tank and ‘got a deal’ with entrepreneur, philanthropist and environmentalist John Paul DeJoria of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila. The partners are working on taking the T-PEE® worldwide with the mission to save water and make a difference in the agricultural industry one tree at a time.