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IA Announces Membership in the Western Agriculture

and Conservation Coalition  



FALLS CHURCH, VA (Feb. 28, 2012) – On Saturday, Feb. 25, the Irrigation Association joined representatives of the California Farm Bureau Federation, Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Stock Growers Association, the Nature Conservancy, Arizona Public Lands Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Family Farm Alliance, and the Public Lands Council to form the Western Agriculture and Conservation Coalition to advocate for balanced management of resources in the rural West. The coalition brings together diverse interests working to achieve a common goal: a workable, effective conservation title of the farm bill.


“We are excited to be part of this unprecedented partnership to push for a strong conservation title,” said John Farner, IA’s federal affairs director and member of the steering committee of the Western Agriculture and Conservation Coalition. “The irrigation industry continues to innovate and promote new technologies to apply water more efficiently in agriculture; we are looking forward to working in this coalition to add our expertise and perspective relating to efficient irrigation and its benefits.”


The coalition’s first order of business will be to provide recommendations to Congress relating to farm bill development and to call for passage of a farm bill this year.


“It is crucial that Congress acts and passes a strong farm bill before the current authorization expires on Sept. 30,” continued Farner. “U.S. agriculture must remain competitive on a global scale and meet the needs of the current and future generations; a strong farm bill is a big step in the right direction for U.S. agricultural production.”


The U.S. Senate continued to work on the farm bill during a hearing on the conservation title on Feb. 28 and will continue hearings on other aspects of the bill through the first week of March.


For more information about IA’s involvement in the farm bill development or the Western Agriculture and Conservation, please contact John Farner at To view the coalition’s press release, please click here





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