Promote the adoption of water-saving Smart
Water Application Technologies in your community

Irrigation professionals realize that managing limited resources and maintaining an affordable, high quality water supply in the face of growing demand is becoming more and more challenging for water purveyors throughout the country. Education efforts, in combination with water restrictions in some areas, have made a difference. But clearly more needs to be done to increase urban sustainability.


What are Smart Water Application Technologies?

The term "Smart Water Application Technologies" includes any irrigation product and/or practice that delivers proven, exceptional landscape water use efficiency. For many years irrigation manufacturers have realized that “smart” irrigation tools could help answer the need for wise outdoor water use. The Irrigation Association Smart Water Application Technologies, or SWAT, initiative was created to provide a third party process for water conservation testing of products that a manufacturer may claim saves water.


The first step: “Smart” irrigation controllers

The first product testing protocol developed as part of the SWAT initiative is for “smart” irrigation controllers—specifically climate- and soil moisture sensor-based irrigation controllers—which provide a proven and effective means to help achieve outdoor water use efficiency.


Unlike traditional controllers, which are really just timers, “smart” controllers work by monitoring and using information about site conditions (such as soil moisture, rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, and more), and applying the right amount of water based on those factors—not too much and not too little—to maintain healthy growing conditions.


“Smart” controllers have an extensive history of scientific and field documentation. Golf courses, parks and athletic departments have used climate-based irrigation systems for more than 20 years. “Smart” controllers for smaller applications have become available more recently, and field testing has proven they can successfully reduce outdoor water use—by as much as 20%-40% annually—while maintaining, and often enhancing, the health and beauty of the landscape.


Launch your own “smart” controller initiative

A number of water purveyors have already introduced “smart” controller incentive programs to encourage their customers to adopt this new technology. And to encourage other purveyors to get onboard, check out the "How To" Marketing Toolkit with ideas, promotional materials, and more to help you put together a program to introduce “smart” controllers in your community.


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Marketing Toolkit


Launch a successful “smart” controller initiative in your community. Click here for more information about incentives and promotional materials that are available from the Irrigation Association to make it easy for you to develop a “smart” controller program tailored to your needs.

Support SWAT

The SWAT committee needs support from members of the irrigation community and other professionals whose business and livelihood could be impacted by residential water shortages and restrictions.


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