Climate-Based Controllers

Testing Protocols for Turf and Landscape Irrigation Equipment

SWAT Definition: Smart Controller 

Product Testing 

Product testing is offered at the Center for Irrigation Technology in Fresno, California. To learn more about submitting your product for testing, please contact:


Ed Norum
Center for Irrigation Technology
Tel: 559.278.2066


NEW: IA Comments for EPA Draft Specification for Weather-based Controllers
Friday, January 15, 2010 - Brian Vinchesi, chair of the IA SWAT committee, submitted comments to WaterSense on behalf of the IA regarding the specification for weather-based irrigation smart controllers. The comments are below.


IA Comments to EPA - Weather-Based Controllers  


EPA WaterSense Draft Specification for Weather-based Controllers
The 60-day comment period for the WaterSense draft weather-based controller specification opened for public comment on November 19, 2009. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide comments before the January 18, 2010 deadline. To review and comment, click the link below, which will take you to the EPA site:


WaterSense Weather-Based Controller Draft Specifications 


If you have questions about the draft specification, please contact the WaterSense Helpline at (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) or e-mail WaterSense.



Draft 8: Test Protocol

The 30-day comment period for the 8th Draft test protocol posted in September 2008 has closed. Comments will be compiled and published, including the name of the individual submitting the comment. A summary review will also be published with the decision about whether to accept the change. The original draft is below.

Review Draft 7: Test ProtocolThe 90-day comment period for the Review 7th Draft test protocol posted in March 2008 has closed. The original draft, public comments and a summary review are below.

Proposed Change to Draft 7: Test ProtocolOct 2007 - The change was not approved; it will be reviewed during the 2008 protocol review process. Comments for the proposed change to section 4.6 of draft 7 (originally posted Nov. 2006) are closed. The proposed change, noted here in bold italics, modifies the third sentence to read "Valid performance data is then downloaded from a minimum 30 consecutive day period of testing and exhibiting a minimum of 0.40 in. of gross rainfall and a minimum of 2.50 in. of ETo."

Draft 7: Test Protocol

Comments for the 7th Draft test protocol posted in November 2006 have closed. The original draft and public comments are below.

FAQs: Smart Controller Testing ProtocolsRead frequently asked questions about the smart controller testing protocols.

Drafts 5 and 6: Test Protocol

Official product testing began after the fourth draft of the test protocols. Minor changes made to these drafts in comparison to the current draft do not affect the test results.

Drafts 1-4: Test Protocol

Key development of the protocols took place in the first through fourth drafts.