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Statement Stuffers

Smart Irrigation Month is a great opportunity for water agencies and utilities to remind customers about the importance of saving water during summer peak demand.


Free statement stuffers from the Irrigation Association include smart, simple tips to help consumers and other water end users save water and money. Customize inserts with your logo and use them as:

  • Inserts for customer invoices.
  • Handouts at customer or community events.
  • Advertisements in your newsletter or local newspaper.

Each 6.25-inch × 3.375-inch insert is available in high-resolution PDFs that can be printed professionally or on your office printer. Insert copy may also be used as short news bites in your publications (insert photos may not be used for any other purpose).


Download smart inserts:

How much water is too much? 

Temperate climate: PDF (3.4MB)   PDF with crop marks (3.4MB)
Arid climate: PDF (3.4MB)   PDF with crop marks (3.4MB)


When is the best time to water? 

PDF (3.1MB)   PDF with crop marks (3.1MB)


How can I prevent water waste? 

PDF (3.1MB)   PDF with crop marks (3.1MB)


All statement stuffers
PDF (36MB)   PDF with crop marks (36MB)