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Educate consumers and promote your company’s support of Smart Irrigation Month with short write-ups or longer articles in customer and employee newsletters, e-newsletters and other communication vehicles.


The Irrigation Association has developed a number of articles for use by industry firms, green associations and water providers. Content may be used as-is or with modifications, in whole or in part.


In additional to your company’s newsletters, use IA editorial to promote water efficiency through:

  • Your website
  • Letters to the editor to community newspapers
  • Homeowner association newsletters
  • Inserts in customer mailings or invoices

Download articles:

  • How to Hire a Reliable, Certified Irrigation Professional (725 words) (Word)
  • Smart Irrigation: Technologies That Use Water Efficiently (709 words) (Word)
  • Complementing Your Smart Irrigation System With Sustainable Solutions (566 words) (Word
  • Don’t Send Money Down the Drain: Water Smart & Save Money This Summer (948 words) (PDF) (Word)
  • Fine Tune Your Irrigation System: Save Money & See Better Results (440 words) (PDF) (Word)
  • Smart Irrigation Systems: A Greener Idea (403 words) (PDF) (Word)
  • Plant Right (345 words) (PDF) (Word)
  • Water Wisely (292 words) (PDF) (Word)
  • Invest in an Irrigation System (336 words) (PDF) (Word)
  • Maintain & Upgrade Your System (362 words) (PDF) (Word)